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Jan 17-20
Event No. 3
Feb 1-3
Event No. 2
Feb 7-10
Event No. 4 - Primo Cup
Feb 8-10
2018-2019 Miami Winter Series Event No. 2
Feb 22-24
Event No. 3

Yacht Club Partners


GERMANY: Bayerisher Yacht Club, Starnberg See, Munchen. The first Yacht Club that has chosen the Melges 20 as its club sportboat. The BYC every year hosts a sanctioned Melges 20 events and many other regattas for members and friends on Melges 20.
Website: http://www.byc.de


ITALY: Circolo Vela Erix, Lerici (Spezia): a new fleet has been created by the Club offering the chartering boats to all members and sailors for competing in any national or international regatta. The same boats are available for daily sailing or sailing accademy or technical regatta clinics supported by some of the best italian athletes.
Website: http://www.cdverix.it


ITALY: Circolo Canottieri Napoli, Napoli: that's the base of one for the most consistent fleet in Europe. The Club has already hosted many European Sailing Series regattas and a Melges 20 Gold Cup.
Website: http://www.circolocanottierinapoli.it


MONTECARLO: Yacht Club de Monaco: since 2013 a new fleet sails in Montecarlo making this spot on of the centre of Melges 20 competitions. YCM hosts the first annual sanctioned event - Primo Cup - and the new brand Monaco Melges 20 Winter Series. More than 25 boats competed in the first 2013-14 edition of Winter Series in Monaco. The boats owned by some very passionate international club members ready to race in the all european and the main US events.
Website: http://www.yacht-club-monaco.mc/en/


US: Coconut Grove Sailing Club; Miami, FL : The CGSC was founded in 1946 on a parcel of land that was deeded by the State of Florida to the City of Miami. CGSC continues to be a leader in the sailing community and continues to stand by its mission by offering adult and children sailing classes, racing, education programs and community service sailing programs. All sailing instruction courses are sanctioned by US Sailing Association.
Website: http://www.cgsc.org