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Philosophy: Experience Sailing. Experience Melges.

The philosophy behind the Melges 20 was to create a sexy boat with beautiful lines, while at the same time providing a unique and sophisticated sailing experience. It is modern, ahead of the curve, featuring the latest technology and prudent in its use of cutting-edge materials and concepts. Already, upon its brief introduction to the sailing world, it is fast becoming the benchmark for small keelboats. It satisfies the need for more exciting, fun, simplified sailing in the 20-foot sportboat range.

Easy to rig, launch and haul, the Melges 20 is a pure joy to sail. Comfortably accommodating 2-4 crew, the spirit of the Melges 20 is custom designed to appeal to the amateur (Category 1) Corinthian driver. It is the easiest sportboat to sail on the market today. For women and juniors, the Melges 20 has low load sheets making it very simple for individuals of all ages, physique and skill levels to sail.

The Melges 20 possesses a simplicity that exceeds expectation, far beyond what any sailor could possibly imagine, yet maintains a very high standard of performance.

Why the Melges 20?
No crew weight restrictions. No sailmaker restrictions, yet has sail purchase limitations. The boat and rig are a strict one design.

The same great standard features found on other Melges products like the Melges 17™, Melges 24™ and Melges 32™ are included on the Melges 20, such as a smooth, comfortable deck with a clean simple layout complemented by a truly contemporary design and new, easy, advanced rig set-up.

The Melges 20 will be unlike any other. It will spark a lifelong passion for sailing — that is Melges' commitment to the sport of sailing.