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Melges 20 Class Measurers

Class Rule A.4.4

A measurer shall seek approval from the ICA, but shall only be an official measurer when recognised or appointed by a MNA.


(a) An official measurer or an official class approved measurer or In-House Official Measurer shall certify mainsails and headsails in the tack and gennakers in the head and shall sign and date the certification mark .

The International Melges 20 Class has formally adopted the ISAF In-House Certification scheme and as a result will not appoint any further sailmakers as official measurers to certify their own sails. Existing measurers are authorized to certify their own sails till 31 December 2013. This timed withdrawal of the status of class measurer, will allow lofts time to convert to the ISAF IHC system or identify an external measurer to measure sails for them (see list below).  

Any sailmakers wishing to continue to certify the sails they produce will be required to sign up to the ISAF IHC scheme. Further details can be found at www.sailing.org/ihc or contact ihc@isaf.com for further information on how to get involved.