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2013 News Archive

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Ninkasi Crowned World Champion, Eagan Takes Corinthian World Honors

Congratulations to 2013 Audi Melges 20 World Champions John Taylor, owner of Ninkasi, tactician Bill Hardesty and Joey Mello on bow. After ten races, against 52 of the world's greatest Audi Melges 20 teams, Taylor cashed in big at the finish line on Saturday to win the Class' first World title. Full Story.

2014 Audi Sailing Series Announced

Five stages for every circuit, throughout a season that will be launched by the Audi Melges 20 fleet on the first weekend of April. Races will be following on 10-11th May, 31st – 1st June, 12-13th July and 25-30th August, the latter will see the Class World Championship with a foreseen fleet staging up at least 50 teams. Full Story.

Taylor Leads Worlds With One Day To Go

The penultimate day of the 2013 Audi Melges 20 World Championship, hosted by Ocean Reef Club was better than expected, most especially where racing conditions were concerned. Full Story.

Weisleder Remains Consistent To Lead Worlds

The second day of the 2013 Audi Melges 20 World Championship, hosted by the Ocean Reef Club started with a brief postponement and ended with a blast. Full Story.

You Lucky Dog

Opening day of the 2013 Audi Melges 20 World Championship, hosted by the Ocean Reef Club ushered in three great races leaving Travis Weisleder, tactician Scott Nixon and bowman John Bowden aboard Lucky Dog/Gill Race Team in first overall. Full Story.

2013 Worlds Ready To Go In Key Largo

The 2013 Audi Melges 20 World Championship, hosted by the Ocean Reef Club is set and ready to welcome a record-breaking 52 teams to the starting line. Full Story.

Formalities In Place For First Ever Worlds

Sunday marked the start of activities at Ocean Reef Club in high anticipation of the very first ever Audi Melges 20 World Championship, fully supported by Melges USA and Coconut Grove Sailing Club. Full Story.

WCA No. 10: Sail Measurement Update

Sail Measurement will commence on Monday, December 9 @ Carysforte Grill. This is the same location as registration. Full Story.

WCA No. 9: Boat Measurement/Launch & Inspection Update

Attached is the most current Boat Measurement/Launch & Inspection Schedule. Full Story.

WCA No. 8: Support, Coach Boats

Many thanks to those of you who have already informed of your associated support, coach and/or team spectator boats. Full Story.

WCA No. 7: Additional Diver Information

Please see the complete listing of diver resources. Full Story.

WCA No. 6: Dress Code, Divers Info & Social Schedule

Here is some helpful information as you begin to prepare to arrive and put your Worlds program in motion at Ocean Reef. Full Story.

WCA No. 5: Sailing Instructions

Please know that the Sailing Instructions for the 2013 Audi Melges 20 World Championship at Ocean Reef Club at Key Largo, FL have been issued. Full Story.

WCA No. 4: Official World Championship Gear Now Available

Please know that you can now purchase Official World Championship gear in advance from Coral Reef Sailing Apparel. Full Story.

CA No. 1: Monaco Audi Melges 20 Winter Series Event 2 - Beluga Cup

We wish to inform you that the Monaco Melges 20 fleet is ready to compete in the second super event of the 2013/14 Monaco Melges 20 Winter Series: the BELUGA CUP. Full Story.

WCA No. 3: Measurement Update

If you have not already, request a measurement time today and check out the latest measurement document update. Full Story.

WCA No. 2: Measurement

Please be sure to read the following information regarding measurement at Worlds carefully. Full Story.

Last Call For World Entries, Final Entry Deadline - November 27

With an phenomenal 52 Audi Melges 20s registered for the forthcoming World Championship hosted by Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo, Florida; any other teams that wish to compete - please know that the final, final entry deadline is Wednesday, November 27. Full Story.

WCA NO. 1: Launch And Haul Instructions

In less than three weeks you will be racing in the Audi Melges 20's greatest show on earth — the first ever 2013 World Championship, hosted by Ocean Reef Club, organized and supported by Melges USA and the International Audi Melges 20 Class Association. Full Story.

Everything Shimmers In Miami

After two days of no racing, the final day of the first event of the 2014 Audi Melges 20 Miami Winter Series (MWS) pushed full steam ahead completing four races. Full Story.

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