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CA No. 2: 2018 World Championship — Measurement Checks

CA No. 2: 2018 World Championship — Measurement Checks

Dear Melges 20 Sailors,

The Russian Championship and World Championship are about to start.. be ready to kick off!

Please visit the EVENT page on Yacht Scoring and make sure you update your crew list:
Russian Open
World Championship

Please remember to renewed your agonistic (B type) medical 
visit on your Italian Sailing Federation ID.

Please read carefully this email to get ready for the MEASUREMENT CHECKS and kindly email the European Fleet Secretary or meet Giulia to book your slot!

Measurement STEP 1:
Boat weight, appendices template check, mast check and keel check
To be completed PRIOR LAUNCH from the 3rd to the 6th

Measurement STEP 2:
Equipment check while boat is at the dock
To be completed on the 8th or 9th

Measurement STEP 3:
Sails measurement
To be completed on the 8th or 9th

Here below the Measurer's guidelines:

In order to inspect your Melges20 before the launch, you shall prepare the boat as follow before the time of your inspection:

In dry conditions; Anti-hiking pad and rear gate well tight, attached with minimum 3mm high strength lashing and minimum 3 loops.
The top keel plate must be removed for the inspection.

mast down but resting on the hull, ready to be rigged. Once the mast is inspected, you can rig it;

to check the weight of your boat verify that it is dry; leave the keel crane and lift straps on; you shall remove the sails, Sheets, Compass, Personal Equipment and all portable equipment that includes:
- Throwable device
- bucket
- anchor with chain and line
- First aid kit
- manual bilge pump
- motor bracket
- outboard engine
- VHF Radio
- fuel can
- spare engine battery
- Electronic or mechanical timing devices
- Tactical and navigational instruments and their associated power sources.
- Water Bottle Holders
- Wind Indicators
- loose ropes, fenders, spares, internal buoyancy and safety equipment
- compass headings
- bags, tape or fittings to secure safety or other equipment.

If you are attending both the RUSSIAN CHAMPIONSHIP and the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP you don’t need to re-weight the boat, unless you need changes in the equipment.
You don’t need to re-measure the boat, unless it is hauled out after the Russian Championship.
After the weighing the boat will be launched, you will drop the keel and attach the rudder to the transom; then the boat will be haul out to inspect keel and rudder.

You will receive a form called “EQUIPMENT SELF-CHECK LIST” ; you shall fill it properly and hand it to the registration office before the end of the registration time. The Equipment Inspector will check your equipment after or between the races.
If you are attending both the RUSSIAN CHAMPIONSHIP and the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP you need to fill it twice.

Get the Sail Declaration form at the registration Office and fill it properly.
All the sails should be already certified: if not ask to the Official Measurer before the scheduled time.
Remove the battens from every sail. Royalty buttons and Limitation marks should be sawn before you arrival at the station.
With the Sail declaration form filled and the sails go to the sails station controls at your scheduled time.
The Equipment Inspector will measure your sails and if ok he will stamp them with the event logo.
The Equipment Inspector will keep the Sail Declaration form.
Please consider to help the Equipment Inspector with 2 crew members.

For further information contact the European Fleet Secretary.


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