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Levi Conquers World League Event in Lerici

Levi Conquers World League Event in Lerici

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Lerici, Italy (June 24, 2018) - Atop the fleet in Lerici on the final day of racing is event champion Dario Levi at the helm of FREMITO D'ARJA with crew members Enrico Fonda, Stefano Lagi and Rossella Losito.

The victory for Levi comes after five races and without racing on Sunday, due to lack of breeze. He is a class veteran and an accomplished helmsman with more experience in the Melges 20 than most. After a long, forced break from sailing, this return to the stage could not possibly be any sweeter, and further validates his approach into the World Championship set for October in Cagliari.

"The success for me and my team is very sweet... we could not have hoped for better," said Levi. "We are a bit surprised to have been able to achieve such a victory so quickly after our long absence. It demonstrates our full potential. This fleet works at the highest level and the regattas are always hard-fought and very tight."

"Our goal was to check our level of competitiveness and then evaluate how best to prepare for Worlds. Apart from that, the joy we feel from this success and experience means a lot to us, but we must continue to work with humility and be ever more competitive. There are no discounts in this class."

All thanks to Levi's consistency in results he wins the event, ahead of Achille Onorato's MASCALZONE LATINO, JR. in second place, followed by Igor Rytov's RUSSIAN BOGATYRS in third.

The results proved to be great for the Italian fleet, in particular, Andrea Ferrari's SPIRIT OF NERINA and Filippo Pacinotti's BRONTOLO rounded out the top five respectively.

In the Corinthian Division, Alexander Mikhaylik's ALEX TEAM takes home the top honors, ranking twelfth overall, surpassing Scarlino champion Marco Giannini's SIDERVAL.

The next step of the 2018 Melges 20 World League takes the fleet to the shores of Trentino on Lake Garda on July 20-22.

The Melges World League is supported by Helly Hansen, Garmin Marine, North Sails, Toremar, Lavazza, and Melges Europe in collaboration with Lerici Coast, La Lince, Consorzio Nautico La Spezia, Motorvela, Cantieri Canaletti and Comune di Lerici.

Melges World League has signed and adopts the code of ethics of the Charta Smerarlda strongly promoting the values of One Ocean Foundation.

As with other Melges 20 events around the world, racing updates will be posted online at the Official Melges 20 Facebook Page. Be sure to also follow the fleet on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Tune in for the latest racing information, results, video interviews and photos at melges20.com.

1.) ITA - Dario Levi, FREMITO D'ARJA; 10-4-5-1-7 = 27
2.) MON - Achille Onorato, MASCALZONE LATINO, JR.; 3-14-1-11-2 = 31
3.) RUS - Igor Rytov, RUSSIAN BOGATYRS; 1-2-4-17/SCP-8 = 32
4.) ITA - Andrea Ferrari, SPIRIT OF NERINA; 6-1-16-7-4 = 34
5.) ITA - Filippo Pacinotti, BRONTOLO; 8-7-2-4-15 = 36
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2018 Melges 20 World League, European Division - Lerici

2018 Melges 20 World League, European Division - Lerici
Achille Onorato - MASCALZONE LATINO, JR.

2018 Melges 20 World League, European Division - Lerici

2018 Melges 20 World League, European Division - Lerici
Filippo Pacinotti, BRONTOLO


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