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Melges 20 Warm-Up Event Happens In Forio D'Ischia, March 23-25

Melges 20 Warm-Up Event Happens In Forio D'Ischia, March 23-25
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AN IMPORTANT UPDATE: the Melges 20 Warm Up Event, which will be held on March 23rd - 25th, will now take place in FORIO D'ISCHIA instead of Napoli as initially planned. This will save time and costs logistically, since the boats can stay onsite between the Warm-up Event and Event #1. Additionally, we believe ISCHIA will provide the best venue for both events!

Looking for accommodations in Ischia? We invite you to contact Lucio Ruoppolo, he will be happy to assist you in finding the best accommodation for your team!
Phone: +39 3386632979 Email: direzione@hotelnaples.it

Additional details about logistics and ferry to Ischia will be provided soon.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We are looking forward to a very exciting 2018 for the Melges 20 Fleet!

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DOWNLOAD: the Warm Up Event Logistics Map

And kindly, do not forget to let us know which events you are planning to attend so we can anticipate to the hosting Yacht Clubs concrete "Provisional Entry Lists" and we can assist you at our best!


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