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Jan 17-20
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Feb 8-10
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Introducing The 2018 World League European Division Event Schedule

Introducing The 2018 World League European Division Event Schedule

We are looking forward to a very exciting 2018 for the Melges 20 Fleet!

The Fleet is continuing to grow and get stronger with new boats joining the competition for 2018.

The PRIMO CUP in MONACO on February 9-11 will be the first Sanctioned event of the season.

Then the 2018 MELGES 20 WORLD LEAGUE events will begin.

The 2018 MELGES 20 WORLD LEAGUE schedule will be the perfect mix of the fleets' favourite spots while exploring new venues:

March 23 - 25
Warm-up Event


April 20 - 22
MWL Event No. 1

Forio d'Ischia

May 25 - 27
MWL Event No. 2


June 22 - 24
MWL Event No. 3


July 20 - 22
MWL Event No. 4

Riva del Garda

September 14 - 16
MWL Event No. 5


October 6 -7
Russian Championship and Melges 20 Pre Worlds


October 10 - 13
World Championships


Mark the dates on your calendar and get ready for the competition to get fiercer, the parties to get bigger, as the Melges 20 adventure continues in 2018!

Please enjoy the below description of the location and the attached 2018 Melges 20 presentation and kindly let us know which events you are planning to attend so we can anticipate to the hosting Yacht Clubs a "Provisional Entry List".

NAPOLI, March 23 - 25: MWL Warm-up Event
Say goodbye to winter with a Warm-up event in the warm spring of Naples, one of the oldest, most artistic and appetizing Italian cities. An Unesco World Heritage Site, its archaeological treasures are among the world's most important, and then there’s the food! Enjoy the country’s best pizza, pasta and coffee, and many of its most celebrated seafood dishes, street snacks and sweet treats.

FORIO D'ISCHIA - ISLE OF ISCHIA, April 20 - 22: MWL Event #1
A short boat ride from Naples, Ischia is the bay’s largest volcanic island. It's an intriguing concoction of sprawling spa towns, abundant gardens, buried necropolises and spectacular scenery of picturesque small towns that make it quintessentially Italian.

SCARLINO, May 25 - 27: MWL Event #2
In the Italian region of Tuscany, Scarlino, has ancient origins dating back to the Etruscans. With its lyrical landscapes, world-class art and a superb cuisine, the Tuscan experience is perfectly in symbiosis with the land. Explore wineries, go on a quest for the best bistecca alla fiorentina or enjoy the territory on the famous road bikes routes.

LERICI, June 22 - 24: MWL Event #3
GOLFO DEI POETI - Mary Shelley, the author of FRANKENSTEIN, and her husband one of the major English Romantic poets, Percy Bysshe Shelley, used to anchor their sailing boat in Lerici. On July 8, 1822 Percy drowned while returning to his boat in Lerici, which is how Lerici got its name as the Golfo dei Poeti. Lerici’s Yacht Club Eryx will be waiting to welcome you to the wonderful little town of Lerici. Castello di Lerici, located just above the Yacht Club, provides a beautiful backdrop for the city, which is surrounding by many different on the water race course options. Lerici is centrally located a short drive to Cinque Terre (hiking outdoor adventures), Lucca (beautiful town with great history & great shopping), and may other attractions to keep you busy on and off the water.

RIVA DEL GARDA, July 20 - 22: MWL Event #4
On Lake Garda’s northern shore, stunning and very popular, Riva, is encircled by towering rock faces and a looping landscaped lake front. Renowned for its regular winds, the Pelèr, the northerly morning wind, and the Ora, the wind from the South, which usually starts after the Pelèr drops down and provides perfect conditions for sailing most days of the year making Riva del Garda a not-to-be-missed location.

CAGLIARI, September 14 - 16: MWL Event #5 // October 6 - 7: Russian Championship // October 10 - 13: 2018 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS
Cagliari is the most Italian of Sardinia’s cities. Vespas buzz up and down tree-fringed boulevards and locals hang out at the busy cafes that are tucked under arcades in the seafront Marina district. Cagliari wears its history on its sleeve and everywhere you go you come across traces of its rich past merging perfectly with the limpid blue waters that surround Sardinia.

We look forward to seeing you on the starting line in 2018!

The Melges Team


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