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Call For Board Nominations Open, 2018-2020 Elections Coming Up

Call For Board Nominations Open, 2018-2020 Elections Coming Up

The International Melges 20 Class Association (IM20CA) is now accepting nominations from anyone wishing to serve as a board member of the class for the 2018-2020 term.

Per the IM20CA Constitution:

- -
Per Constitution Article 5. C.1: Board members elected by the Class membership shall be elected for terms of two years.
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- -

All seats, six total, are open for nominations - 3 for NA (includes Canada) and 3 for Europe. In addition, two Ex-Officio members will also be elected - one from Japan and one from Russia.

The call for nominations began on November 3, and will close on December 1, 2017.

At that time, all nominations put forth will be collected and placed within an online voting system (electronic balloting), in which each owner will be permitted to cast a vote.

The election period will begin on Friday, December 1 and end on Monday, December 11.

This method is the same as used two years ago. It will be communicated in advance of the vote, who the candidates are as well as the process for voting.

When the voting period is complete, the results will be published online at melges20.com and communicated via an official announcement to all Melges 20 Owners worldwide.

Please send your nominations to you respective class secretaries:
North America

Please send nominations for the Russian Ex-Officio Member seat to the European Fleet Secretary.

Please send nominations for Japan's Ex-Officio Member seat to the International Class Admin.


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