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Newport Pow Wow

Newport Pow Wow

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NEWPORT, R.I. (August 16, 2017) - Summer sailing and racing in Newport is at its seasonal high point and smack dab in the middle of it all, is the 2017 Melges 20 U.S. National Championship hosted by Sail Newport happening on August 17-19. Three days of competitive sailing will take place under the careful management of PRO Anderson Reggio and his legion of local sailing and race committee volunteers.

The U.S. National Championship is the second of two events scheduled in Newport for the Melges 20s and serves as the perfect opportunity for North American-based teams to warm-up and further prepare for the bigger, stiffer competition that awaits at the World Championship taking place in early October hosted by the New York Yacht Club (NYYC).

In attendance this weekend, in anticipation of the World Championship, teams from Australia, Japan, Russia, South Africa, U.S. Virgin Islands, and of course from the U.S.A. will be represented. Among them is Drew Friedes sailing PACIFIC YANKEE — the current leader of the 2017 Melges 20 World League, North American Division Ranking, Liam Kilroy’s WILDMAN, Daniel Thielman’s KUAI, Rob Wilber’s CINGHIALE and Jim Wilson’s OLEANDER.

A few equally strong European teams have made their way to the U.S. after competing at the European Championship in Sibenik, Croatia last month. Russia’s Alexander Ezhkov’s PIROGOVO, and Vladimir Prosikhin’s NIKA are among the international early birds to arrive.

The fleet is thrilled to be welcoming a new Japanese team to the scene Tomatsu Aritomo at the helm of GIMLET.

The first warning takes place tomorrow morning, Thursday, August 17 at 1100.

Special thanks to goods provided by Farmer Willies, Ginger Beer and BoatBrim.

Visit the Official 2017 U.S. National Championship Yachtscoring Event Website
View the Full 2017 U.S. National Championship Entry List

1.) Igor Rytov, RUSSIAN BOGATYRS = 116 pts.
2.) Vladimir Prosikhin, NIKA = 72 pts.
3.) Achille Onorato, MASCALZONE LATINO = 64 pts.
4.) Krzysztof Krempec, MAG TINY = 62 pts.
5.) Rodney Jones, AUDI SUNSHINE COAST; 58 pts.

1.) Drew Freides, PACIFIC YANKEE = 37 pts.
2.) Igor Rytov, RUSSIAN BOGATYRS = 35 pts.
3.) Liam Kilroy, WILDMAN = 32 pts.
4.) Rob Wilber, CINGHIALE = 31 pts.
5.) Jim Wilson, OLEANDER = 29 pts.
2017 Melges 20 World League Results (After Ten Events)

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