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CA No. 3: Miami, Act 1 - General Reminders

CA No. 3: Miami, Act 1 - General Reminders

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We hope you are all looking forward to an amazing weekend in Miami!!!

Please read and review the following gentle reminders. If required, please take action ASAP:

Every team SHALL declare their crew. You may do this by logging back into the Yachtscoring Event Website and enter your crew names, positions and ISAF IDs. All teams are reminded that once you have declared your crew, any crew changes and/or substitutions SHALL be approved by the PRO/Race Committee and the IM20CA.

If you plan to race as a Corinthian team, your team is required to list all crew members online at Yachtscoring in order to verify and confirm your eligibility as a Corinthian team. All teams that anticipate qualifying as a Corinthian team must have this completed PRIOR to the close of registation on Thursday, 10 December.

REMEMBER: To qualify for the Corinthian Division, ALL CREW MEMBERS ABOARD THE BOAT SHALL be classified as a valid (not expired), Group 1 Sailor with ISAF. If you, or a team member needs to renew with ISAF, please Visit ISAF Online to renew ASAP.

Don't forget — Sail Declarations are due by the close of registration on Thursday, 10 December. ALL SAIL DECLARATIONS SHALL be submitted to the IM20CA PRIOR TO RACING. This ultimately declares your team legal to race in the Miami Winter Series. SUBMIT YOUR SAIL DECLARATION.

Many thanks and we look forward to welcoming you to warm and sunny Miami!

International Melges 20 Class Association (IM20CA)


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