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2016-18 Melges 20 Election Complete, Results

2016-18 Melges 20 Election Complete, Results

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For the past month-and-a-half, the membership for the International Melges 20 Class has been nominating individuals for the 2016-18 leadership board term.

Please welcome the following elected North American, European board members:

2016-18 North American Board Members:
Richard Davies (USA)
Rhonda Joyce (CAN)
Drew Weirda (USA)

2016-18 European Board Members:
Matteo Marenghi (ITA)
Guido Miani (MON)
Manfredi Vianini Tolomei (ITA)

2016-18 Ex-Officio Member - Japan
Norikatsu Aizawa

2016-18 Ex-Officio Member - Russia
Valentin Zavadnikov

Many thanks to Melges 20 owners worldwide that submitted nominations, and especially those that took the time to vote!


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