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NA Owner E-News | Spring-Summer Edition

NA Owner E-News | Spring-Summer Edition

©2014 JOY | IAM20CA

Hello from the North American Board!  

Firstly, thank you to all of you who took the time to complete the recent North American survey, sent e-mails and provided comments to each of us as we started up the new North American Board. This input has been incredibly useful in helping us formulate what you want to see in the Class, as Owners and Class Members. We thought it would be helpful to summarize where we are and communicate with you in a timely and direct manner. We want to have transparency, as this is our class and we only represent you. As Owners, the growth and longevity of the Class is in our hands and as a Board, we are determined to represent you as best we can.

We want to keep the Owners Group involved and informed. Our goal is to ensure everyone is (a) aware of, and have input into, matters that are being initially explored or being seriously considered, and (b) understand decisions that have been made. Please pass this e-mail along to Owners who unfortunately have lapsed class memberships. Also, be sure to ask them to re-join!


Firstly, we believe we need to keep evolving and developing a fun and exciting regatta schedule. Nothing drives fleet building like a great series of races. Our goal is to ensure that we have a regatta schedule which encourages existing owners to race throughout the year. By recreating the Miami experience in Newport, Toronto and San Francisco, through a sensible selection of locations and clubs, the Class will grow in additional regions. Specifically:

The scheduled U.S. National Championship in Newport, will move up one day. The first day of racing will be Thursday, August 21 and end on Saturday, August 23. We believe this will encourage Owners to attend the event, especially those not attending Worlds. The change should also make logistics easier for those traveling within North America and will allow more time for teams to get to the Worlds in Italy the following week. What we need from you is commitment to turn up. We need to make this a great event and need a full attendance to ensure we DO have that awesome event.

The September 19-21, 2014 Canadian Nationals is now a sanctioned event and we encourage all Owners to consider adding this to their summer/fall schedule.

We've accepted feedback from the fleet and are actively managing to reschedule the 2015 Worlds to the week of September 12. The rough plan at the moment would be to hold the Pacific Coast Championship (PCC) on Friday through Sunday, September 11-13 then, the Worlds will follow on Wednesday through Saturday, September 16-19. Please understand that this is exploratory at this time but do want to thank the regatta chair for the flexibility. We'll confirm as soon as we can.


Our goal is to ensure that we continue to have a one design class with clear and observed measurement rules, while continuously exploring areas in need of improvement. To that end, we will ensure that we have a level playing field in all sanctioned events by measuring boats, including equipment, weight etc.

We have a strong group driving and preserving our one design class and representing the Owners. The following individuals have agreed to serve: Skip Shapiro (Makiara), Marc Hollerbach (Fu) and Travis Weisleder (Lucky Dog/Gill Racing).

We plan to review the rules and process for sail button allocation to possibly reduce the difference in number of buttons given to new boats and with those given annually to existing boats/Owners. Whatever the recommendation becomes, it does need to both encourage as well as reward participation in sanctioned regattas.

We encourage and would love to get your feedback. Are we on the right track? This is your Class. What do you want to see happen to increase our strength and participants at regattas?

Let us know good, bad or just plain ugly!

Contact the IM20CA North American Board:
Rob Wilber, International Vice President/North American Fleet President (USA)
Richard Davies, NA Board Member (USA)
Paul Currie, NA Board Member (CAN) 


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