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Achille Onorato Wins Warm-Up To Gold Cup; Coppa Challenge Sergio Capolino

Achille Onorato Wins Warm-Up To Gold Cup; Coppa Challenge Sergio Capolino

©2012 Luca Butto | BPSE

Tagged: IM20CA, Europe

Achille Onorato on Mascalzone Latino Jr. (Bressani-Michetti) is the first winner of Coppa Challenge Sergio Capolino, the new trophy donated by the family Capolino Perlingieri to the International Audi Melges 20 Class Association and offered as a prize by Circolo Canottieri Napoli during this weekend as "appetizer" of Gold Cup.

Four races were completed in a tough day, where the wind from 290° that fluctuated in direction and intensity, starting around 18 knots with gusts over 20 and going down to 6. The big waves have been a source of few headaches for helmsmen and tacticians.

The victory of Onorato is gained in the first two races of the day, both finished with two first places, but the OCS called in the third heats forced the Mascalzone to a run-up to the upper levels of the ranking.

Current Audi Melges 20 Gold Cup Champion Alessandro Rombello on STIG (J. McKee-Tortarolo), thanks to a remarkable consistency of results, has undermined Onorato & Co. till the end, closing second only because of the worst partials.

Behind them is Federico Albano aboard 3menda (Wanted-Trani-Weber), as usual at ease with strong wind.

First of the Neapolitan boats is Ugo Capolino’s Kempo, came seventh, which celebrates the in the most beautiful way the weekend dedicated to his father Sergio. Ugo’s brother Giancarlo on Legionario with the sister Alessia on board, is considerably more distant, finishing 14th.

Now it is time of Gold Cup, a major Championship for the Audi Melges 20 Class Association, and – last but not least – last event of the Audi Sailing Series 2012. The races will be held from 1 to 4 November for the organization of BPSE, Circolo Canottieri Napoli and Melges Europe.

1.) Achille Onorato/Lorenzo Bressani, Mascalzone Latino Jr.; 1-1-5-4 = 11
2.) Alessandro Rombelli/Jonathan McKee, STIG; 3-2-1-5 = 11
3.) Federico Albano/Giulio Desiderato-Andrea Trani, 3menda; 4-3-3-9 = 19
4.) Dario Levi/Andrea Casale, Fremito d’Arja; 2-6-9-7 = 24
5.) Enrico Pegoraro/Michele Paoletti, Karma; 7-7-8-2 = 24
6.) Andrea Musone-Gianni Giordo/Andrea Felci, Carige Assicurazioni; 8-13-6-1 = 28
7.) Ugo Capolino/Niccolò Bianchi, Kempo; 11-8-7-3 = 29
8.) Mirko De Falco/Guglielmo Giordano, Pecceré; 12-5-2-12 = 31
9.) Manfredi Vianini Tolomei/Lorenzo Bodini, Maolca; 10-4-13-6 = 33
10.) Saverio Bifulco/Alberto Grippo, Noidinotte; 9-9-10-10 = 38
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