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The First Stage Of 2011 Audi Melges 20 Sailing Series Commences

The First Stage Of 2011 Audi Melges 20 Sailing Series Commences


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Naples, March 25 - On the Gulf of Naples, Italy, the four-part 2011 Audi Melges 20 Sailing Series commences, hosted by Circolo Canottieri Napoli. Two days of racing are planned.

At the first event, over thirty high-profile teams are prepared to do battle in Naples, in an effort to ultimately take charge and win of the coveted Sailing Series.

Francesco Farneti's Reggini Sailing Team with tactician Branko Brcin has been named the team to beat. Certainly there are others in attendance that will provide very strong competition such as Guido Miani with tactician Gabrielle Benussi, and reigning U.S. National Champion and recently crowned 2011 Miami Winter Series Champion Michael Kiss on Bacio. On board with Kiss are crew members Jamie Kimball and tactician Chris Rast. Marco Morina has employed the tactical knowledge and expertise of Alberto Bolzan on Sei Tu 20. Others to keep a close eye on include Alessandro Molla with tactician Nicolo Bianchi, Karma di Pegoraro and Chicco Fonda, as well as Claudio Recchi with Lorenzo Bressani.

The list goes on. Sandro Montefusco on Mefisto, Marco Franchini and Andrea Casale will sail with Dario Levi's Fremito D'Arjia, Lorenzo Bodini, Gabrio Zandona will sail with Federico Strocchi, Pietro Sibello sails with Renato Vallivero's Turnover, Andrea Fornaro will accompany Luca Dominici on Notaro Sailing Team, Carlo Fracassoli on Camy di Bonora, Tano Felci and Francesco Conte, Enrico Zennaro sailes with Marco Zaoli's Shadow, Alessandro Franci will join the Soldani brothers on Romoloromani and Duccio Colombi will team-up with Federico Albano.

The fleet will enjoy a number of proud onlookers this weekend including: C.C.Napoli di Riccardo Improta, Francesco Ivaldi su Legionario di Giancarlo Capolino, Armando Cardola su Noi di Notte di Saverio Bifulco, Yacht Club Bari di Campanile e Lucifero di Giuliano Palazzo.


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