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Benedetto Giallongo’s 'Value Team' Wins Second Consecutive Audi Melges 20 Sailing Series Title

September 12, 2010, (Rimini, Italy) — Value Team’s Benedetto Giallongo has won the 2010 Audi Melges 20 Sailing Series taking the prestigious title for a second year in a row.

Victory for Giallongo is very different than 2009 as Francesco Farneti on Reggini Sailing Team put up a good fight for the title. On the eve of the last stage of the Series, Giallongo was some nine points ahead. Farneti closed the gap substantially making it one of the most intense events, but his effort simply wasn’t enough to win. Giallongo with helmsman Francesco Scarselli and tactician Henry Fonda they truly have found a winning combination.

Farneti, with Branko Brcin on tactics and Andrea Muscone as crew can still look back at the season with a smile. Their success at the 2010 Gold Cup deservingly gives them second overall in the series and definitely Rookie of The Year honors.

In third overall is Luca Dominici on Notaro Team, special thanks to a consistent performance in Rimini that provided him a nice finish.

Rounding out the top five, in fourth overall is Renato Vallivero on Turnover, who opened up his debut season with a incredible victory in Lerici. Marco Morina’s Sei Tu 20 has shown remarkable growth as a team finishing fifth.

For the final stage, congratulations to Alessandro Molla on Bela Vita with Nicolo Bianchi on tactics as they tasted a sweet, first time victory in Rimini.

1.) Benedetto Giallongo, Value Team = 88 pts.
2.) Francesco Farneti, Reggini Sailing Team = 101 pts.
3.) Luca Dominici, Notaro Team = 103 pts.
4.) Renato Vallivero, Turnover = 139 pts.
5.) Marco Morina, Sei Tu 20 = 183 pts.

TOP FIVE RESULTS (After Five Races)
1.) Alessandro Molla, Bela Vita; 3-1-2-1-5 = 12
2.) Luca Dominici, Notaro Team; 2(RDG)-7-3-2-1 = 15
3.) Benedetto Giallongo, Value Team; 2-8-5-3-2 = 20
4.) Federico Strocchi, Cheyenne; 6-5-1-11-8 = 31
5.) Lauro Bonora, Camay; 5-3-7-12-6 = 33

View Photo Gallery - Renaldo Tebaldi

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