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PRESS RELEASE: Melges selects McConaghy boats to build the Melges 20, first photos released

11 MARCH 2008

Zenda, Wi. USA - Melges Performance Sailboats has chosen McConaghy Boats in China to build the Melges 20™. "The team of Melges and Reichel Pugh Yacht Design is a proven, winning combination many times over. Adding McConaghy Boats to the team will ensure the Melges 20 is a worldwide success." said Harry Melges, CEO of Melges Performance Sailboats. "This is a strong, long-term alliance that will deliver the greatest sailing products available."

In addition, Melges is also extremely proud to present the very first glimpse of the Melges 20 plugs. Visit melges20.com to view the entire Melges 20 Photo Gallery.

"McConaghy shares our passion for providing products and services of superior quality at a fair price to our customers." Melges continued, "Their experience with high-tech construction techniques and materials is second to none. They clearly have the ability to source all components at one facility and capacity to produce for the world market, enabling the absolute 'one design' concept to be manufactured with strict tolerance. This is also the perfect location to build and further introduce our brand and products into the growing Asian sailing market."

McConaghy Boats is recognized as one of the most prestigious international boat builders. They are a world leader in advanced, high-technology yacht building, constantly innovating, applying expertise to composite construction and numerous components. Wild Oats XI, Alfa Romeo 1 and Alfa Romeo 2 as well as Morning Glory are among their most notable success stories as well as supplying 80% of America's Cup syndicates (including Alinghi) with complete steering systems and unique wheel designs.

"We are really excited about having been selected to build the Melges 20 at our China facility," said Mark Evans, one of McConaghy's two prominent managing partners. "This is a wonderful, new opportunity for us. We look forward to bringing our brand of quality and workmanship to the team of Melges and Reichel Pugh all in the interest of making the Melges 20 a total international success."

Designed by Reichel Pugh Yacht Design based in San Diego, Calif., USA the Melges 20 has generated a great deal of attention since its introduction in the Fall of 2007.

Many orders have been placed over the last several months as the interest level is very high with ongoing opportunities to place deposits on first production boats. All orders for the Melges 20 can be placed by calling Melges Performance Sailboats direct at +1 (262) 275-1110.

# # #

The Melges 20 is the next generation Sportboat in performance one design racing.

The philosophy behind the Melges 20 is to create a sexy boat with beautiful lines, while at the same time providing a sophisticated sailing experience. The Melges 20 is modern, ahead of the curve with the latest technology and prudent in its use of exotic materials. It will be the benchmark for years to come. The Melges 20 will fulfill the need to experience more exciting, fun, simplified sailing in the 20-foot Sportboat range.

With strong appeal to a full range of talents and skill levels � young and old, guru to the novice sailor, the Melges 20 will be easy to rig, launch and a pure joy to sail. Comfortably accommodating 2-4 crew, this boat is also designed to encourage youth, female and corinthian participation. It will possess a simplicity that will exceed expectations, far beyond what any sailor could imagine possible yet maintain a very high standard of performance.

No crew weight restrictions. No sailmaker restrictions. The boat and rig will be a strict one design.

The same great standard features found on other Melges products like the Melges 17™, Melges 24™ and Melges 32™ — will be included on the Melges 20 such as a smooth comfortable deck with a clean simple layout complemented by a truly cutting-edge design and new, easy, advanced rig set-up.

The Melges 20 will be unlike any other. It will spark a lifelong passion for sailing, that is Melges' commitment to the sport of sailing.

# # #

For more information, please contact:

Andy Burdick
President, Melges Performance Sailboats
N598 Zenda Road
Zenda, Wisconsin, 53195
T: +1 (262) 275-1110
F: +1 (262) 275-8012
E: //



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